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Electricity seething through my bones,
Every inch of her is clear.
Like crystals in the wind she rides,
 A pain that’s deep within.

Only to be unknown by a true touch so overwhelming.
She seeks willingly only to be devoured.
One brush, it’s light, like a flower.
Ready to undress, she feels her power.

Walking along shards of glass, beneath the window from where she escapes.
Long overdue, she dances in the forest. It has been kept so long inside her mind.
The sensation is unparalleled, she screams with delight.

Seasons willing one day change.
An ever more gently shifting wind,
can’t keep up with what’s within.
But alas we slow down time;
And wander in that which is it’s wake.
For on the cusp we see divine.
Revelations in our rear view mirrors.

Upon once holding sturdy rocks we stood, sinking down into the plummeting sand.
We reach desperately for a hand and it lifts us to the sky.
Too much Withering. Seeking. Withholding air.
Our voices can’t be tamed, but our bodies can. 

Her soul is sticky like a sweet sap of galactic islands weeping for me.
Waiting on me, her back against the wall, while she’s sleeping in the sun.
Don’t wake her up or she’ll run away before time has begun. 

by RebeccaJames

Wife. Mother. Interior Designer. Getting to know and love all things. I like plants, disco, sentimental moments.


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