Poetry Series: Conclusions, The Road Home, Uncoupling

The Road Home

We all speak different languages

Use different words

To name the light we see

To justify the rhythms of life

And sometimes I believe

All roads lead home

Sometimes I believe it’s just the one

But most days I don’t engage that thought

It changes the way I see my neighbors

If I lead with pretense

I will surely miss love



There is space for you

And space for me

And I often don’t pay attention

To the space you occupy

I shouldn’t go there

Shouldn’t look in

Because if I come

You may leave

I trespass on my own

And you stay distant

We cross paths only to leave each other

Split between our own two universes



If you know the end

Do you begin

To number our days

Before they’ve begun

It’s my process

My grief to hold

To hinder your possibilities

Of change

But isn’t it cruel to expect

Something of someone

You barely know

To demand movement

Do I begin

When I think I can see

How this ends


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by becca

A work in progress, stumbling between the immensities. Also, a 24 year old writer living in California.

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