The Poison And Love In Our Yard

I threw an American hatchet

at a splintered chair.

With a crack,

I broke the horizon in half.

You caught a brown snake, with a red lid.

Gardner urine soured your hand.

I’ll never put salad in that ever again.

You scurried for a whiskered cricket,

So I could feed their meat to our tarantula,

Watch her black legs arch slow.

When we discovered the poison ivy

in your elbow, 

There were teardrops of fireflies. 

So I rubbed steroid cream

until you dreamed.

But the poison ivy spread to my inner thighs,

From whispers in our night-blue bed.

I left my cocaine city life for you

To discover, I’m not dead. 

The poison and the creatures  

and the violence of love

thread me into this beautiful life.


Author: Emily Viall
Link to social media: Instagram @viallemily


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