Prince of Blue

because the frail wing
trembling in black possessive mud
is a voice stranded by words and
the night eats words

i walk towards it sharpened by desire
sometimes it seems human

maybe this is the only way
for my pillow to keep its gentle spell of dreams

because i need a place where i can hold you

you should know
i’ve become every altar across three continents

you should know
i’ve become every animal you’ve left behind

my prince of blue
night is better
i am afraid, glorious
and ethereal
water is poseidon and
the sky opens its mouth wide of fireflies
i land cool rain of thousand fires
in ash we are born

sometimes this place feels almost human

by lkourteva

Having lived across three continents, Lubomira is a Canadian writer, poetess, storyteller, humanitarian and spiritual teacher. After completing her graduate degree in finance, she devoted her time towards humanitarian work in marginalized areas worldwide where she built programs for educational development, women's empowerment, skill-building and holistic training to alleviate poverty. She is the author of poetry book "Moonhold" (2019) and creator of "Art of Love" which is an online publication dedicated to deepening our connections so that we lead more spiritually and emotionally fulfilling lives; by exploring the wisdom of our ancestors and unveiling the beauty beyond the veil and within ourselves. She writes and teaches on relationships, wellness, esotericism, mysticism, and folklore.


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