Pro-women isn’t Anti men.

A woman is a mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend. We have heard this 100 times from ‘n’ number of people for almost 10 generations. Making it loud and clear I am not a feminist, neither do I hate or blame men for anything. But since the time I have started understanding the nuances of society, I have realised the differences in mentalities of men and women towards other women.

      Actually I have been waiting to write about this for a very long time but today I got the opportunity to pin all this down. A few days back an incident took place, nothing related to me but something exactly what I want to emphasize. A woman asked an unknown girl sitting with her group of friends that, whether she was comfortable in what she was wearing (a short dress). She said some rubbish to her like, “do you like that men are watching your thighs” , “girls like these are meant to be raped” etc . Now this mentality of one woman towards another is telling us exactly what is wrong with our society. I am not going down that road where “women have choice what to wear” etc. Cutting it short, if one woman looks down upon another woman then who is going to stand for each other?

There are two things we all can do which will bring a gradual change. One is we should start thinking twice before we say something loud. Second start acknowledging each other. Now let’s take an example~ I know, out of 100, 99 women have heard that “women are bad drivers”. Ugh….!! Assuming half of them are bad but that does not mean all of them are. Secondly let’s not judge someone because of their gender, right? Think! We can’t blame all the men because some of them have treated women badly. We all have some amazing men to live around. Let’s not be gender biased. Every person is different from other, so how can we just assume that all men or all women are same.

Reading this is going to be boring for most of the people I know, but it is not a fight against a girl or a boy, their choices, their status, what or where do they work. It is not even about equality, it is just about the mentality of our society and their perspective. Not every plant needs the same amount of water or same amount of sunlight to grow, every plant has its own requirement. Like that not every person is same, each one has different characteristics, so  we have to stop looking everyone through the same glasses and start focusing on their personality.



by LostSoul

I am pursuing law. I have had the skill of writing from long time but it was undermined for a long time. I am willing to pursue writing as a career. I have a dream of being a novelist someday. I write on social issues, share my personal experience and my opinions about such issues. I also like to write about personal growth and any topics that strike my mind. I have started writing some poems and am very fond of it. I am willing to intern with you magazine. I want experience and I think your magazine is going to help me do so.


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