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Hi Beauties,

I’m excited to bring another product to you guys this is an oldie but a goodie AND AFFORDABLE! it is the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer which can be purchased at Ulta, Sephora, all department stores and online. I purchased my foundation in the color Golden and will definitely be falling somewhere between that shade and Amber this summer.

As stated on the website “A foundation-and-concealer in one for a natural, beyond perfected look that lasts all day. Lightweight, moisturizing makeup covers thoroughly without clogging pores. Skin breathes comfortably, colour stays true, even through sweat and humidity.Due to the rich pigment level that enhances this flawless coverage makeup, shades may appear deeper when first applied. Once blended completely and allowed to dry, Beyond Perfecting Makeup will melt into your skin for a Beyond Perfected flawless look. A little goes a long way!”

In my opinion this foundation is amazing for the price. I have been using it for about a week now and I is definitely something that I will be reaching for this summer. It is rumored to be for dry combination to Oily skin types. It seems to be quite a drastic jump because it is. I have yet to understand the science behind it, but I intend on finding out. I am currently in the shade Golden and choose to apply this with a  Morphe Deluxe Buffer M439. I have noticed that when I apply it with a beauty blender it seems to soak in the product and I do not get as flawless and full coverage of a foundation as I want.


  • Full Coverage – Long lasting
  • Flawless application with a foundation brush
  • Doesn’t clog pores
  • Hides imperfection and looks like skin
  • Does settle into the skin and matches skin tone when matched correctly!!!
  • Does not oxidize


  • The product smells a bit strong
  • If too much is applied, the product can feel cake on the skin
  • Has a Doe foot applicator which can be a bit unhygienic if freelancing
  • Colors are reported to have a red undertone in the darker shades

Overall I would give this product a 90% – the only reason is due to the darker shade selection. I feel that I only fall in between 2 shades of the 4-5 shades provided. Other than that this foundation is a great choice for spring and summer fights through sweat, humidity and tears (tested but only light streams haha)

Thank you for checking back and I will see you in another one!


Author: Maria Muekalia
Author Bio: My name is Maria Muekalia and I’m a beauty blogger from Virginia. I have been obsessed with makeup for awhile, but wanted to get serious!  I decided to finally write articles for makeup lovers like me. Feel free to find me on social media for beauty tips, blogs, and fashion! Please leave any comments or feedback I love to chat with makeup junkies such as myself! Follow me on social media to get a glimpse into my world!
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