Promised Land

When my lover comes to stay,
he asks for nothing.
No waterfalls, no wildlife,
except the wildness
in my heart.
Curious, his desire reaches
for an unknown —
feeling, sensation,
unlocked vibration.
Surprised by nothing,
he expects everything,
I offer my day,
undivided attention.
Share with him my
favorite street,
a fleeting sherbet sunset —
and he lifts me off my feet —
he doesn’t care about
the coffee shop, the river,
the sea.
Every miracle that he longs for
is between him and me;
a full moon sky,
illuminated dreams.
When my lover comes to stay,
I know it’s only for the night.
He asks for nothing,
and I offer all — too much
at times,
too much.
He knows me well, this lover
of mine —
he lifts me off my feet —
oh how they weigh me down, he knows.
And he wants for nothing
and believes in everything.
No waterfalls, no rainbows, no stranger’s smile.
He won’t be here forever,
so he holds me,
waits for that feeling,
to run through his fingers.
He holds me as if I’m nothing
but air in his hands,
and he loves me as if I’m everything
hoped for
in the promised land.

by chasitybleu

Chasity Bleu is a self-taught artist pursuing a degree in Anthropology. She writes poetry, lyrics, essays, and has many novels in progress. She draws inspiration from all the things she loves: the Creator, humankind, Mother Earth, and love itself, representing all these in her art. Her paintings can be seen in We'Moon 2019 and 2020 datebooks, and she also runs an Etsy shop where she sells prints and originals. Find her on Instagram @chasitybleuart.


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