Promises Promises

I promised myself in the middle of cascading tears that I will be happy

that my happiness no matter how small will be mine to create, maintain and fulfill 


I promised myself to study and practice saying NO more

I have a heart that thrives on giving but I must be able to separate where I extend that giving 


I promised myself that I will love my body

In every season 


I promised myself to nurture my gift

I will never distract myself from my purpose with comparison or worry 


I promised myself that my life will be one I am proud of


I promised myself that I would never exact any amount of pain towards anyone especially if they never had the same consideration for me


I promised myself that I would live despite any unfortunate circumstances 

I really only get one shot at this so I won’t waste it being anxious 


I promised myself that I will be open to receiving 

I know I have a way of side-eyeing good things 

I deserve good things 


I promised myself that I will not, ‘it is what it is’ all the time

I will be vocal when it gets uncomfortable or clear lines have been crossed 

Stop letting people finesse my good nature because of the culture of “she doesn’t mind”


I promised myself 


I promised myself that love ever decided to show up, I’m gonna show out 

I know I love myself enough to want to share some of this so whenever you’re ready God, do you


I promised myself to laugh more, 

to keep being corny and weird 


I promised myself to appreciate the art of letting go

Not everyone deserves your light in a growing season

Release the idea that we must travel together 

This road is taking me where they cannot go


I promised myself that even if they come back, to keep them at arm’s length 

They have to show me before I even consider past benefits 


Even then, things will never be the same


I promised myself

I promised myself 

I promised myself

To leave a lasting legacy 




And being everything I was created to be

I promised myself.

by Themikichronicles

I was born and raised in the Caribbean, poetry was my first love. The stories came after and I have not been able to let go using my words to fill hearts. I started blogging in 2012 in an attempt to document and share my experiences, observation and general ideas about love, life, and relationships. I fell off the wagon but slowly picked up the pace, only to fall off again.

I am here ready and willing to share what I've learned in the past few years, in love, out of love, finding my passion, pursuing the art of writing and being a positive light in the universe.

I hope the lessons I learned will impact someone, somewhere. I hope my message is one filled with love.

If you ever find yourself, moved, just a little by a few scattered words, ponder those words.


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