Prone to Wander

What is it about live music that leaves me captivated
Like the way it feels to explore a new and foreign place
How I’m taken by surprise and something is created
Moments and then memories that I won’t replace
That are magically spontaneous and convincingly raw
Drawing people from all over to crave these experiences
Making it attractive and addicting to always be in awe
With endless new ideas and heightened senses

What is it that makes us so prone to wander
Like floating through passions we want to capture
How it sometimes seems all we do is squander
Moments flee and we look for the next adventure
That will awake something in us we fear has died
Drawing us back to the place we can just be still
Making us search again what’s really inside
With a desire to know who we are with no extra frill

What if we really knew how much more is behind
Like all that happens when dreams start ensuing
How it follows hard work, consistency, and a daily grind
Moments of practicing, repeating, doubting, and pursuing
That build something from which we then can move
Drawing us into a sustained level of groundedness
Making the possibilities to discover and host groove
With all the wonder but maintaining our settledness

by elimloi

Living between California, Guatemala, and Taiwan. Connecting creatives, curating goods, and inspiring groove through Groove TPE.


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