Psychological Damage

Humans fail to understand the psychological damage of a lie.
It makes the other person paranoid.
Because even if that one lie was just that once…
Who knows what else you’ve lied about?
Who knows which I love you was the truth?
Who knows if any of them were.
And your partner can’t even ask for the truth.
Because every second of the day they’re questioning your moves.
If that were you, would you trust you?

And if that wasn’t bad enough you find more lies to tell.
The one to cover up the first.
“A second one wouldn’t hurt”.
But that’s what you tell yourself.
And ten lies later you believe them all.
They’re just part of your everyday story.
Because the first one was to “protect their feelings”.
The rest were to protect yourself.
Because now you’re the one that might be paranoid.
You’re out to get yourself and that’s also a huge damage.

by Crissy DXCII

A married, mother of a baby boy. Love writing poetry and drawing. I hope to excel in both areas.


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