Dilated eyes

Lashes rays

Pierced Enlightenment

Silent in rest,

movement colliding in dreams

hold me

crystalized Luna

smooth your scars


Flames put out by tears

Love over Fear

Beautiful is spoken, felt, touched by the Soul

You are the guide


High flight,

Poured cups,

The voices of the angels subside

I open my eyes,

your hands in mine

You have Become

Warrior of light



Purity of the soul


I feel your heart opening

Vibrating in waves


Metatron, Michael, Gabriel

Permit me

Light, dark

You and I

Amor Amar

Let two become One,

Let yours become Us



Author: Jaskiran Singh
Email: eyeofthebeheld27@gmail.com
Author Bio: I am inspired to write, I am a co-creator in this universe, and have been called to this expression.
Link to social media: Instagram @anahataliving333

by Jaskiran

Jaskiran means Ray of Light. I am on a journey of love and light, and writing reflects all that I am inspired by. Each poem I write, each story is guided by spirit, and has its own ray of color to shed. I trust in the power of the Universe and that each of us are balls of energy, one day we will all immerse and burst into a symphony. It's magic.

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