Purple-shaded Soul Spectrum

I have always pondered why people hold different tastes in things. Why do some people like the dynamic, energetic beats of pop music while others prefer the lilting, dulcet tones of classical music? Why do some people love the bold, screaming color of red while others are partial to the poised, toned hues of lavender? I suppose the logical reason would be that our likes and dislikes are molded and crystallized based on the environment we grow in. It’s easy to think of it this way; that something in your life made you love a certain genre of music or a certain shade of color. But can you really pinpoint some discernible time and event in your life that made you love your favorite color?

I can’t say that I do. I’ve loved the color purple for all of my life.

I prefer to think of it in a more elemental way. I once read in an article somewhere that we each “vibrate” at a different frequency. Ever since, I’ve made it up in my mind that each of our souls are made up of different frequencies. It made sense to me. Think about it. How are we able to tell someone apart even when they’re walking far away from you, with their back turned? We notice it in the way they walk, their posture, their gait, their gestures or the way their hands swing as they walk. All these little differences in everyone makes us, us. Perhaps this was what the article meant, when they said that we each vibrate at a different frequency.

In scientific terms, a vibration in the air is caused when air particles are disrupted, causing them to push and pull against the other particles surrounding them, so on and so forth. So, the different ways our hands swing as we walk and the rhythm of our footsteps move in different energies, creating different “pushes” in the air around us — disturbing the air in different frequencies, a different vibration.

In physics, a spectrum is produced when different components of light are separated by refraction at different degrees, according to their wavelength. In other words, each component of light has a specific wavelength that causes them to refract at different degrees and produce a different color. That’s how rainbows are produced. In this same way, I believe that all the differences that make us unique results in a different blend of wavelengths and frequencies, diverging and coalescing into our own distinct “rainbow” spectrum palettes.

I imagine my soul spectrum to be made up of a thousand shades of purple and lavender—deep purples for when I am sad and light, airy lavender for when I am happy (but mostly, deep purples). Perhaps, this is what people speak of when they talk about everyone having an aura; it is this amalgam of color in our spectrums. They are our invisible fingerprints –not seen, not tangible, but felt with our souls.

So, these spectrums, our spectrums, are all unique, making us vibrate at different frequencies. And maybe when we listen to music, and we feel its vibration traveling up our fingertips — penetrating our skin and diffusing in our blood — we like the ones that converge with the frequencies in our spectrum. And when we like a color, it is because that color’s light rays just so happens to match our own “soul” wavelengths, producing a harmonized spectrum within us with that same band of color.

And maybe when we fall in love with someone, it is because our “soul” spectrums hold consonant frequencies and converge in harmony. When we touch, the energy between our skin gives off frequencies that are agreeable with our own.

And his voice is music to mine because the cadence of his words merges with the frequencies in my purple shaded soul spectrum.

Maybe that’s where the phrase “we’re on the same wavelength” comes from.

And maybe that’s why people call it soul mates.

Author: Christina Nursalim Email: christina.nursalim@gmail.com Author Bio: Born and raised in Indonesia, Christina Nursalim is a 23-year old poetess, creative writer and content creator. You can read more of her writing at @heyponderer or heyponderer.com. Link to website: http://www.heyponderer.com/

by Christina Nursalim

Christina Nursalim is a writer, poetess & content creator. She is the founder of Hey Ponderer, a platform for people to share their real, honest stories, bond over meaningful conversations and feel a little less alone. Read more of her writing at www.heyponderer.com


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