Quick Peptalk;

You wake up in the morning…
Pick up all the pieces that make you up.
Thinking to yourself, please let today be a better day… Don’t give up.
Your mind instantly racing.
Automatically pacing.
Back & forth…
Grabbing  your clothes, your keys, your purse;
but leaving one thing behind…Your worth.
Today, do yourself a favor and think of you first.
Don’ let society determine your worth.
Ensure you love yourself & gain your own sense of bliss.
Pick yourself up & climb out of the abyss.

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by Janid

A Mother, A Veteran, A Poet, constantly reconfiguring myself & writing my experiences along the way. Writing has been an outlet for my emotions for many years now. I hope to reach you with my words and inspire you to be a better you or help you through a tough time.


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