Rain on Your Parade

I will come back and haunt you
In your time of great sorrow
You won’t know whether
it’s a dream, nightmare, or reality
And I will be glorious
beyond measure or reach
And I will tell you
all the truth of the world

Of your world that you’ve built up
around you
World of scum
world of nothing but paper thin “things”
that dissolve
the Demons that hide behind the smiling
faces of your so-called friends
You broke your back to impress them
as they sucked the blood
right out of you
and laughed about it
in the open yard

You made me your devil;
nail me to your cross
and feel healed
for now, for now

You know not
what you’ve done
and it isn’t my job
to teach you

But I’ll come back
and show you
all that your sinister callings
let you overlook

You will be enlightened
far too late
You’ll see I could’ve been
the path to salvation

All for naught, Brute
Lie through your teeth
with your memories

by c.gerrity

I started writing at 7 years old making short stories about what I imagined my cats were doing while I was at school, and it's all gone downhill from there.
I like music, mean jokes, and a variety of gas station snacks.
Painfully honest about the messes I get myself into.

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