Reason #44967404584 Why I grew in love with…

I don’t know If I ever experienced a love like you. A love that makes me scared of the thought of losing you. A love that touches every bone in my body. My strongest bones… my weakest bones…the ones that you think there is no sensation in them but hurt the most if broken…It’s because of you I fell in love with all the things I was once scared to do.. embrace…create…challenge myself…invite you into this world of endless divine energy… I really did this shit because of you…really with you… how do you make it the new norm without you? That uncertainty is inevitable… that’s really why I can let you go. because how do you let go of something that has become your smile, your laughter, your person, your crafter… Crafting masterpieces while becoming my peace…
Reason 59554574540 why I keep loving you…despite what you do… what I do…what we do… I’m really not sure what we are doing. Sometimes…Most times… I think if I give you my friendship…something that could last forever.. would that be enough for you. That’s really how much I love you. Putting my own selfish needs behind me so you could experience everything that you’re missing… Or is really selfish of me for assuming I’m not what you need.
Reason 684545747595 Why I won’t stop loving you…. because you didn’t stop loving me.
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