Red String Dreams – A Poem

every morning i wake up to a lovely little tug

on the red string wrapped around my pinkie

is it morning, where you are?

are you shifting beneath the covers because the sun

has peeped through the blinds?

are you hitting snooze on an alarm clock,

hoping that you can catch a few more minutes of sleep?

are you leaving bed before the sun rises to make a cup of coffee,

because, baby, i won’t be the morning person between us

i’ll be the lump in bed beside you that is all legs & arms

grabbing to tug you back into bed so i can steal

a few more kisses.


is it evening, where you are?

are you turning off the lamp beside you so the soft dark

wraps around and sings you to sleep?

are you sprawled across the bed watching videos on your phone,

even though everyone says the light will ruin your eyes?

are you checking the time to make sure it’s not too late to still sleep,

because, baby, i’m the night owl that will be begging to let me

drive you to taco bell at two in the morning

because we both want a crunch wrap supreme

and i got gas to spare.


every night i give the red string a lovely little tug,

even when i am up all night staring at my wall

because i am sleepless again,

even when i am out with my friends late

because we don’t get curfews

even when i am lying in a stranger’s bed

because baby, we are not perfect,


and i wish you the sweetest dreams.



Author: Katie Pope
Email:  kaitpope134@gmail.com
Author Bio: Katie is a young writer, trying to express themselves through words and film.
Link to your social media or website: Twitter @shortbitterk8ie


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