Self Improvement

Relate to yourself at a certain frequency- Invite what you want into your life

What am I inviting into my life right now? What energies am I bringing to my life? Positive or negative? We are living weird times that make it difficult to look at life and think positive thoughts or have high glittery energy radiating from your pores.

When you see obscurity all around you the tendency is to be in a negative, resentful, scary, and bitter space.

You log in to Instagram and see the beautiful highlight reel pictures, only the beautiful images, the amazing life’s, the drinks, the vacations, the shots despite all the drama that is happening in the world, we are submerged by constant contradiction that confuses all.

And you can’t help and start looking at yourself and ask who am I in the context I live? What is my purpose? Am I the vessel of bad luck? With a rainy cloud over my head 24/7? Maybe I do not deserve success, victory, light, a better relationship, a wonderfully abundant life, maybe I’m not good enough.

These can be the thoughts of a clouded, anxious, overwhelmed mind constantly, a mind that struggles to see the bright side, who cannot perceive the blessings in their own lives.

Empathy to you, empathy to you my friend if you feel this way. I’ve been there many times….

But what helps get through this phase? because yes, it is a phase no matter how long it takes; and it’s possible to overcome using a simple tool such as questioning, you can ask yourself, what am I inviting into my life right now? How can I make it easier to live in my mind and body today?

Because if you constantly see negativity, toxic relationships, moodiness, disgrace, or the opposite only Instagram perfect pictures of a utopic life all day long can be damaging in the long run, you end up neglecting yourself and focusing only on exterior matters that you don’t know the real details of it.

Ask yourself what can I do today that could make me feel good? What am I curious about? What are the actions that could make my life better by the end of the day? Could it be making green tea? Having a cold shower? Organizing my agenda? Reformulating a new plan? Sending that damn C.V to the company I wish to work for even if I fear being rejected? Switching off social media for 7 days?

Take steps towards your life, treat yourself like you would treat that person you admire, and put on the pedestal.

Beware of bullying yourself with depreciating words, don’t behave like those who disrespected you.

Don’t dust your mind with the poison that is thrown to you, stand up tall, even if you feel depleted, stand up tall and show to yourself who is the Boss of your own life.

Relate to yourself at a certain frequency by nurturing your brain, making things that make you feel balanced and satisfied, that’s the only way out.

I always have to remind myself that good mental and physical health is essential to arrive at maximum potential and to contribute to my development and till today I’m still learning to preserve my energy when things fall apart or when life seems unbearable.

Don’t give power to meaningless things or to those who do not care, see, and hear you. They are not worth it….

We need to become the cheerleaders of our own selves, making the “bizarre” adventure into our mastery and for that to happen it’s important to ground ourselves first and reflect on what we want for the long term and make moves to revisit your plan, clarify, brainstorm, tweak, and choose another approach until we find something that works and makes our lives better.

Remember your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life or desperately looking outside to define how you want to live your life, don’t be trapped by dogma.

To finish I live you with a beautiful quote of Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe for reflection: Everyone holds his fortune in his own hands, like a sculptor the raw material he will fashion into a figure. The skill to mold the material into what we want must be learned and attentively cultivated.


by artandotherstories

Emília Duarte is a Mozambican multidisciplinary artist , she interconnects writing, illustrations and painting. Her art is the ultimate expression of what most presses her mind. She is largely inspired by the beauty of things in her surroundings - details in the built environment-her travels and the relationship individuals have with their objects move her deeply.
The artist has a spontaneous relationship with art, emotional and visual sincerity are crucial; as Picasso said, "I put in my pictures everything I like" and that is exactly what she does.
Writing plays a crucial role in Emilia Duarte's life, it is impossible to think about painting or drawing without writing her emotions or reflections.
Emilia Duarte holds a degree in organizational psychology, a bachelor's degree in clinical psychology, a degree in journalism and has a background in fashion design.


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