But what if I turned my pain
Into care for others
My worries
Into consideration for another
My fears
into inquiries of their faith

What if I took my hurts
And instead of retreating into isolation
I turned them into a further reach
Instead of an “I have too much here to extend an ear”
A picked up phone call
A message sent
A message received

The truth is
When we love others better
We are loving ourselves too
Those in our lives are not burdens
They are our roots

They help us grow up in wholeness
And usher healing in
They remind us where we’ve come from
And where we were when we began

If we opened our mouths
When we’d rather keep them closed
We’d find that we needed them
To lead us back home
You’ll never regret a single call you took
Only the silence
When only inside you looked

We need each other
To grow in these hard days
When normal is unfamiliar
And words are used as blades

They remind us of future
And that we are not our old ways
Of who we are becoming
And the beauty on display

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by Ananicholsss

Hi, friends! Nice to meet ya. I am a writer and editor who takes articles from websites and improves them. I loves my craft on and off my 9-5. Off the clock, I write poetry, articles, devotionals, book reviews, and blog posts. I'm passionate about topics like all things women, equality, faith, mental health, social justice, lifestyle and theology. I love Jesus, family and friends, reading, meeting with people in coffee shops, taking photos on my iPhone and obsessively editing them, long walks with my dog, and writing my heart out. I was born and raised in Miami, FL, and has been married to her best friend, Malik, for a little over two years. We currently in Atlanta Georgia with our pup, Linc'.


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