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you speak into life

a variation of reality

where you are untouched

by condemnation

and unaccountable

for your behavior

your convoluted narrative

coils around me

constricting me into suppression

when I approach a state

of delirium

you try to accuse me

of being incapable of discerning

fact from fable

but I will not concede

and alter my persona

to be the victim

you used to know

the woman you

used against me

in your parallel universe

where you are convinced

that you are invulnerable

to indiscretion

unblemished in your

specious solace

by WinnowPoetry

I am the poet behind Winnow Poetry. Although I have been writing since the mid 1990s, I began putting my poetry out on social media under the name Winnow Poetry in 2019. Writing has always been the most effective form of therapy for me. In my writing I address growing up in an emotionally and verbally abusive family, relationships, depression, anxiety, and creating the best version of myself through trial and error.

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