Restricted Freedom

“Living the dream”… it isn’t what it seems. If this is the dream I guess I’m stuck in a nightmare.

Out in the ocean going through the daily motions while the numbness slowly takes over my emotions.

This emptiness inside has me feeling dead while alive and this state of mind is now where I reside.

Another day out at sea…

What do I have to do to get them to hear my plea?

Suffering in silence and day by day it’s getting harder to hide it.

I don’t usually speak on the thoughts lingering inside my head. You see I’m prideful therefore I won’t beg.. but it was time I put that aside and no one cared when I shared what was going on in my mind.

They listen to respond not to comprehend. that’s something they can’t seem to apprehend.

I spoke to many people and all it did was lead to another closed door.

But of course, it’s because the Navy isn’t built to feel remorse.

They say perception is reality, but they only perceive to see what they want to believe. Maybe one day they will see all the burdens we carry.

Another day out at sea…

Here’s a PSA: Freedom isn’t free. Made the ultimate sacrifice for a country where discrimination trumps appreciation of this beautiful life we’re given the pleasure to live.

That’s something a lot wouldn’t have the courage to give.

This is my restricted freedom… and all I want is liberty.

by MellowChell

Just a girl writing out my thoughts.

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