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In life, we go through different relationships that serve a purpose. Some leave small footprints and others leave deep ones. As we continue to walk we begin to understand that no relationship is ever in vain.

With each relationship we learn something new. We learn to love and we learn to love ourselves. We learn to give and to receive. We learn to tolerate, accept and set boundaries.

Sometimes we need to reach the edge of the abyss and recognize that despite the differences there is always something that brings a relationship back together. Instead of running away, we face the challenge and sometimes that little pause in between is what saves the relationship and allows us to let our guard down to forgive and start again.

A lot of relationships need to come to an end so that each person can grow and fly at their own rhythm and pace. Some relationships reconcile after years of separation and others may not, but breakups are necessary, we all need a breaking point. We all need moments to realize where we have failed and what we have allowed into our lives. We need intense and painful moments to recognize our mistakes and the consequences of our decisions.  

After a couple of years, I have realized that sometimes we have wounds that have not healed completely and that’s okay. Because when we give ourselves the opportunity to relive those moments, we can amend the relationship with ourselves and with the other. We can re-signify, be grateful for the lesson learned and cry if necessary.  

There are memories that simply come back. There are tiny pieces that we keep to ourselves and that’s okay.

When it comes to love there are no rules; there are no limits. Love is a feeling that we all express differently, and breakups are the same. The pain we feel afterward may linger for days, weeks, months or even years and that’s okay. We are meant to feel and live every experience as it comes, as long as it doesn’t change us for the worse.

Reliving past moments with someone that meant a lot for us is the opportunity to reflect on who we were and who we are now. It’s an opportunity to come to terms with our feelings and release whatever is weighing us down.

Sometimes looking back is what sets us free and even though it may hurt to do, it may be the solution in order to create a new path that will help us to feel and love differently. Often times we think that looking back is throwing away the progress we have made, but in reality is an opportunity to see the situation from a different perspective.  

Looking back doesn’t mean we stay stuck in the moment again, we simply visit, take a look and we come back home with new insight. Sometimes visiting the past may help us build a better relationship with the person we are with right now.

Healing takes time. We all heal differently and when memories come back it may be the opportunity to look a little further and dig a little deeper, but this time with a lot more love and acceptance.  



Author: Daniela Ortiz 
Link to your social media or website: Instagram @ortzdani

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