Mental Health

Right Mind

You’re shuffling…

Trying to accomplish everything at once.


If you don’t achieve it, you’ve failed, it’s done.

It’s mind boggling how much you have to think through every choice, think through every possible domino effect.

Trying to be a jack of all trades but it’s a mean to no end.

To where can we stretch our mental, will it ever stop working and say it’s enough?

Or is this constant state of anxiety, overworked mentality, what becomes of us?

They say, this is life baby, put on your seat belt and hold on for the ride.

Never once thinking… are they in their right mind?

by Janid

A Mother, A Veteran, A Poet, constantly reconfiguring myself & writing my experiences along the way. Writing has been an outlet for my emotions for many years now. I hope to reach you with my words and inspire you to be a better you or help you through a tough time.


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