I created the world for you

Peeled band aids off your bleeding wounds

Put forgiveness in the heart broken by all your visions of love except the last

I created the sunrise so after rainy days you know that treacherous things don’t last forever

Gave you the freedom to look in the mirror and revel in your reflection

I created the world for you

And then ultimately the world could not carry you

Corrupted with its sexism





Then in the darkest hour, the Devil destroyed what the world could not

He put doubt in your mind

Caused you to believe you were unintelligent

You were condemned by your youthful mistakes

Jailed by your addictions

The Devil reveled in your sadness

When you needed a shoulder to lean on,

No one offered

It was a grave disservice to you

Now I look at you and I see you have been scarred by this process

You fought the devilish influences by yourself

And it has left you questioning your existence

No words can ever repair your broken spirit

No one person can lead you down the broken roads

With me,

They pinned me on the Cross, trying to destroy my existence

They tried to rewrite the words of history so that their interpretations only supported their selfish ambitions

But I have still risen

They have pinned you on your addictions, trying to ostracize you

They tried to rewrite the words of history so that their interpretations only supported your worse decisions

But you have still risen

by kayydenise

Aspiring columnist writer

Unapologetically a woman constantly trying to find the meanings in life and the reasoning for our existence

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