Road trip

I wanna go on a road trip.
Only my heart knows where.
Where there is good conversation
And as long as you’re there.

Right next to me
Holding my hand
Telling witty jokes.
But those cheek kisses
Open up my heart
The more you provoke.

With you by my side,
I paid no attention to the sights.
I loved that smile more
Than the views on my left & right.

You were special on your own
Your aura, so contagious.
With you, I never felt unsure
Opposite, I was courageous.

I wasn’t scared when silence fell,
I felt no need to fill empty space.
You made me so comfortable
A feeling no one else could replace.

One hand on the wheel
Your other on my knee.
I could dance freely and sing off-key
And you’d look at me,
Knowing that you’d be right there,
Doing it with me.

If life is meant
To be spent
With you as my favorite person
Then I’m not afraid
To grow up cause
You help me be my best version.

I’ll still be me and you’ll still be you,
Individual and independent.
But to know the in’s & out’s of you
The past, future & present
Would be the best gift.
An perfectly imperfect lesson.
We won’t know where one starts
Or ends, we’ll be each other’s extension.

Every day is like an adventure with you,
A road trip, a plane ride, anywhere new.
In the end, it doesn’t matter what we do,
Because my best days are spent with you.

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by Racoba91

Just a wandering soul obsessed with the world,
who is also a hardcore closet pun aficionado.
A somewhat terrified but, on the other hand, thrilled momma-to-be, awaiting this astounding journey to come.
Figuring out how to make something out of this beautiful madness we call "life."

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