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Never forget your roots, where you come from.
Otherwise your blood will shout of the history of your ancestors when you least expect it.
Eat your roots, drink them, swallow them, digest them, they dwell within you.
If not, people will remind you by discriminating you.
Never forget the warmth of your blood.
Yet accept and love all cultures and traditions which adorn our world.
Never forget the one who conceived you in labour and pain.
And the masculine arms who carried you within the walls of your home.
Never forget the struggle they have been through to settle in a foreign country so that you had a chance do to better than they did.
Never forget the earth that made this body of clay, one day when God said that what he made was “good”.
Never forget to honour the breath he has breathed in you.
Never forget that we were all carved by the same heavenly artist and so we should not see each other as rivals.
Never forget that this heart beating was a one off gift that you shall never get back once it stops beating.

Don’t waste it.
Never forget that you were made and design in love by the highest, no matter who your mum and dad are because of unfortunate circumstances.
So love yourself.
Never forget that before being a body, you are a soul.
Never forget your roots and the earth from which you were taken from.
Never forget who you are.
Never forget you.

Author: Gassy Traore
Author Bio: My name is Gassy Rahmatou Traore, I live in London but was bor in France and originally from Mali, Mauritania and Senegal. I am a world citizen.
I have been writing since I have been able to hold a pencil properly.
I love art, traveling, day dreaming, Rupi Kaur, Pierre Alex Jeanty, Feather down soul and author Elif Shafak.
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