And so approaches
The inevitable end
A reassuring darkness
The promised night
It’s the moon’s time to shine
And shine it does

Majestic light
Beaming on my being
Piercing my soul
Lighting me from within
Awakening the gift of wonder
Within me
Sleep is no longer a priority

But alas
Such magic is temporary
The moon fades from my sight
And I am blinded with yellow light

It’s time to begin the day
Time to wander aimlessly
Time to pretend like I’m living
Yes my friends
It is time to act once again
The sun is up

by TheWritingAquarian

22. I've spent a good chunk of my life writing. When I was younger, I mainly wrote songs and as I got older, I delved more into poetry. I'd describe my skills as entry level; I am a novice to this world, especially professionally, but the ideas are come up with are beyond anything you've ever heard. Nowadays, I prefer creative writing; lot less rules and more room for imagination, but I'm here to learn and grow. I'll write just about anything.

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