Salt to the Wound

He passed through my life like waves in the sea,

Always moving with no regard for me.

The more I struggled, the faster I drown,

His best promises left unbound.


I should have left when I saw the tides turn,

Now icy waters leave my throat sore and burned.

I stood there like a fool, watching it happen,

The sand shifting under my feet, keeping me trapped in.


I had been so mesmerized by the way the water glistened,

That I never stopped to actually listen;

For if I had, I would have heard

Every lie within every word. 


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by BrendaCova

Brenda Covarrubias is a journalist, poet and freelance editor. The majority of her work has centered around news and storytelling, but she is now branching out to more creative outlets. Business inquires should be directed to brendacova22@gmail.com.


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