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Like many women, I made a choice at the start of 2016 to better my health. And what better way to improve it then by joining a gym. But my reasons did not come from a new year’s resolution, they came from a shocking realization.

My father was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm which is treatable…..if you are healthy enough for the surgery. After smoking for 50+ years and weighing over 300lbs doctors concluded he was unfit for the surgery that could save him, and instead gave me 1 year to live.

What this taught me is I didn’t want to end up like my father, unable to live because of my unhealthy choices. I made a stand against myself and joined up for personal training. Vowing that all bad habits in eating would be broken no matter what, and a strict workout routine would be followed.

I met Kim on January 19th, a personal training and yoga instructor. I made it clear to her my intentions and why I was here. The next 4 months were both heaven and hell for me. Kim pushed me to points I never knew I could surpass. Showed me that by coming in for workouts I could find an escape from my life and focus on myself and what I needed. I was going great! On top of the world! Nothing was going to stop me!

On April 29th at midnight we lost my father.

A blow many thought would have me home in tears for months. Huddled in a ball. Not sleeping or eating. I shocked myself when I called Kim and said “Friday I want you to work me harder then you ever have before.” And she did. I even pushed myself further then what Kim would normally allow. I left my grief behind and I did my routine and then some. I let it all go.

Because the gym wasn’t where I thought of all my problems and hashed them all out, leaving there feeling like I knew exactly what I needed to do; I go there because I need to forget the world and all that is outside those gym doors. At the gym I am strong enough to bench press 50 pounds, run stairs 8 times, do 71 squats a minute, and sweat away all worries away.

So what’s the moral of this story? Where some find salvation and/or acceptance in church, at a spiritual gathering, through counseling or therapy, I found mine in sweat.

Sweating away all the weight I want to lose is only half of it. Sweating away every fear and negative thought I had pre-workout. Instead of shedding tears I’d rather shed sweat. Because my tears may be a way to show the pain, but my sweat makes me grow stronger from it.



Bio: Hello!
I’m Kassie Yacyshyn.
A major book worm at heart I like to read a little of everything. My goal is to read 2000 books! A big coffee fan too; all problems can be fixed with a good latte. I love animals as well and have 4 pets of my own (or as I like to call them my fur family). I enjoy a good workout (3 times a week I’m proud to say) and even do some yoga on weekends. My life has been full of all the twists and turns one could expect, and a few you’d never dream of. That’s doesn’t stop me from achieving my goals. I love all life has handed me and appreciate ever lesson thrown my way.

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