Tonight I’m not sure what to write.

I’m full of delicate things,

thirsty for balmy words that love on me like rain in July-

the warm bottle of water at the bottom of my purse. 


I love this street glowing green 

under the gilded glare of the Pershing Square restaurant, 

the grit on 41st Street, 

as I race against traffic to find sanctuary. 


Crowds of us 

shoving away from each other, 

Cell phones clutched in our fists like if we 

just keep talking, 

keep snapping photographs, 

keep keep keeping on, 

it’ll save us from the civil war of human touch. 

An over saturation of stares 

and everybody’s laughing

 because it’s New York. 

The land of confidence.

Vibrant dreams 

pulsing like fireworks, 

and children’s hearts simmering

just beneath our jaded glossy eyes. 


I pass a girl in a pinstripe suit


saving face enough to keep

The money coming 

For one more month in her five floor walk up. 


I reach the path under the bridge, 

going from the 60 of being swept up in the tides 

flowing out of Grand Central, 

to 0–silken breaths on the way to the bus.

I walk slow. 

Exhaling the masked me 

so eager to prove

I’m capable of flying.

All those pieces trickling down to the ground,


It is the end.

Nothing can break the sharp intoxication 

of glowing 

way up from the inside.


I live in lights that flicker with the moving sometimes,

like the man who sleeps beneath all of his clothes

under the glorious stars blazing in Times Square. 

I’m tearing up.


I didn’t want to write about you tonight.

by BrittaKirk

My name is Britta, and I’m a dreamy bluestocking from the city where we all have stars glimmering in our eyes (NYC). My whole life, I’ve hoped to dream up mini universes of words stacked one by one...for someone to get lost in. I hope that my work, be it fiction or prose, will be a bright spark in someone’s day. To bring God glory with every syllable.

I have a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in Creative Writing, where I was blessed to dwell in a small Welsh Village. Anglophile for life!


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