Savannah’s Coffee and Talks

Falling in love is like sipping a cup of your favorite type of coffee. You indulge in it slowly, savoring each sip as it was the last one. Until it is. And then you can’t do anything more than dream about the next cup. Maybe you’ll be courageous and try something new. More bitter or sweet. Maybe a little bit of both. Or you’ll stay within your comfort zone; that’s okay. There’s a reason why you fell in love with it in the first place.

And what a perfect place Savannah can be to fall in love. You fall in love with the city’s beauty. With the long walks through the park, playing or petting dogs— laying on the grass, letting the sun burn your cheeks as you admire your surroundings. Perhaps a pretty boy or girl will stumble upon your way. Perhaps you’ll slowly start to fall for them as well, as you take them to your favorite coffee shops, where you first learned how it felt to fall.

Perhaps Savannah Coffee Roasters is your first destination, with its comfy chairs and dark, cozy environment that makes you want to stay until closing time. The smell of freshly baked pastries and toasted coffee makes your mouth water. You linger for a second or two in line, looking at all the sugary food that you could buy. You try to stop yourself, you can’t indulge in them every day. Maybe you’ll both sit at the corner, on the dark chairs that are usually taken, but not that day. With your coffee in hand, you unravel each other’s stories over the sound of coffee crushing and food being ready to serve.

Or maybe you want to take them somewhere more private with the same delicious coffee taste—there are so many destinations that you can hardly keep up with them all. Still, something about Cup to Cup makes you want to go there more often than any other coffee shop. Depending on the day, or the person, you’d either get your fresh cup of coffee, put the lid on, and go lose yourself in the squares and tiny streets where you always find something new to see, no matter how many times you’ve walked past it. You’ll point out those little details as you bring the cup of coffee to your lips. You wonder if you are falling in love with their eyes or the taste in your mouth.

But if it’s raining, or one of you is wearing uncomfortable shoes, or a too-tight skirt, you might just stay in. Take your time scrolling through the menu as you tap your fingers on the wooden table. You’d order something different, warmer, and sit by the stools overlooking the barista. Either admiring how he makes art on each cup or talking in hushed voices. And as you sip, talk and admire, you fall—or fall deeper—in love with coffee, with the city, maybe even the person sitting right next to you.

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