Saying peace to what no longer serves you is always easier said than done. You can write it out, speak it to the universe, vent it to a friend, even scream around your home about how done you are with the things that don’t vibrate with your energy. However, actually putting in the work to remove it from your daily routine is a struggle.

What are the things that you should say peace to?

Toxic Behavior– So many people love to point the finger at others being toxic, but sometimes they forget to include themselves. We are all human and (at least most of us… side humor) telling people they need to deal with your attitude or the way you function because that’s just who you are is not okay. I’ve seen it too many times where people play victim to the death of them, but will not once own up to their behavior that they caused to provoke the situation. That is a time where taking accountability for your actions goes a long way and while you think things could be officially over between you and someone else, you might be able to save it if you are able to acknowledge your own faults.

Situationships– Hanging on because you have years invested. They accept you, “flaws and all,” because no one will love you the way they love you. Or, here’s my favorite: “I can help them grow/ change because I know I’m different.” Listen…  I’ll put it in capital letters for those who need me to yell it to them…YOU CANNOT CHANGE ANYONE. If someone wants to change, it’s because that was a choice that they made. Know the difference between dating and wasting your time because it’s just simply not there. I’m all here for allowing things to flow because naturally forcing a situation is unhealthy, but do not wait for someone to get right with themselves while you have already shown up for yourself and made those changes within yourself to evolve. Set boundaries that your peace and sanity hold way more value than someone who is still unsure of where they are in life.

Self-Doubt– Stop sleeping on yourself! You really are the shit. If you have a radiant spirit… it is going to show for itself. It won’t miss a beat. I say it often – social media is toxic. I am still a firm believer in it. While it is a great way to promote your brand and have a great platform, it can make someone diminish their self-worth because they start the comparison stage and worry about what others are succeeding at instead of focusing on what they are going to be great at.

Giving too much of yourself– I have a spicy attitude, I won’t deny. But, I have a big heart and genuinely will do anything for anyone that I love even if it may be draining for me. But when does enough become enough? You have to create a boundary with your loved ones so that you are not being drained and pulled in every direction. Most want to be liked enough that someone will acknowledge their value, but the truth is, you will not be able to make somebody see what you see. All you can do is hope that it will not take for them to screw up multiple times in order for things to finally become transparent.

Although saying peace to old habits – situationships – and to the things that no longer serve you may sound easier said than done, it is necessary. It creates a boundary of peace within yourself and gives you that extra boost of confidence that you are in control. So, start saying peace because it just might bring you peace!

by Labelmejas

Hello, My name is Jasmine Marie! Thank you for taking the time to check out my page. I am a Cleveland native but reside in ATL. I've been writing for years but decided to step out of my comfort zone and share it with the public. I talk lifestyle! This includes self care, travel, books, advice, and experiences. I love to laugh so if you come across some corky stories, don't be alarmed, thats just my personality! My talents are written aspire, inspire, and to invite you into a little bit of my world! Enjoy!


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