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sea of black

Swimming through a sea of black, memories falling through the cracks until I can barely recognize she.

Anxiety seeps in replacing bones, awaiting events unknown. Grim awaits and takes a glance. Saying a rare prayer I’ll take that chance.

Words like cannons pierce the deck, day-late apologies, the ship is wrecked with a pain you can’t forget.

Others prance across the noir; they don’t drown, moving far. No one stops to look down to see the little spirit left that clings to thee.

Divided with beings that don’t or choose not to see the magic that is she.

Swimming through a sea of me.

Reflections of muddy images of what was once before.

As I kneel in presence far from grace, a chord struck that was never strummed before this place, rings.

Swimming through a sea of black, anew, freed.


Author: Cartie’
Author Bio: Ostrobogulous animal lover enamored with horror flicks, writing, art, and music.
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  1. This poem is full of soul. I love it!


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