Blossoming under the new light
after being nurtured from a tiny seed
Life seems so big and green
Colors are new and exciting
In awe of your beauty
glistening under the sun
Drink it up
This is your moment

The days are getting brighter
as you get taller
The air is warm and inviting
Welcoming those that enjoy your company
Hearing laughter running around in circles
Not a care in the world
The sky is the limit
in the space of your potential
This is your moment

Maturing with each leaf changing
The breeze is chillier than before
Impressed with how the swaying
of your branches doesn’t break you
Standing strong in your place
Proving to the world you’ve got this
This is your moment

Your leaves have dropped now
The growth has ceased
The horizon is gray
The future not visible
Those that admired you mourn
Reminiscing the youthful days
and less complications
Your life was full
Bringing joy to all those that surrounded you
There is nothing left now
The last season of life
This is your moment

by micheleskye

I've enjoyed writing as an outlet for as long as I can remember. I started out by writing short story romances in high school. I have some unfinished novels lying around, and I've dabbled in children's books.

Poetry has always been there. Early in my college career, I was chosen to be published in two anthologies with a few of my poems. During some point in my life I stopped writing and I became quite depressed.

I started exploring words again about a year ago. Ever since, I've been developing my voice and have found it much easier to express myself in the way I've always tried to.

That voice currently resides in the women's sex empowerment arena. I'm also using it as a tool to give myself some body positive love. I've struggled with this after having children. Sharing my inner thoughts and desires with the world allows me the ability to feel sexy in my own skin again.

You can see how my self portraits complement my poetry on my IG account, with whatever I'm feeling in the moment.

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