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Total self-acceptance is one of the hardest things to achieve. We disguise the darkest parts of ourselves from others. The things we are ashamed of. The things we can’t change, but wish we could. Maybe you aren’t skinny enough, pretty enough, smart enough. Maybe you’ve made a mistake you can’t take back. Maybe you’ve tried and failed on so many occasions you’ve lost count.

We are so hard on ourselves. We stare at the broken pieces too often. There is nothing more we love to do than dwell on what we could have been.

And to the outside world we go on living our lives as if they are perfect. Perfect family, perfect relationship, perfect self, perfect social media photo. You all know you’re guilty. But on the inside we are struggling with those things we see as imperfections.

I am here to tell you – you are perfect. The darkest and lightest parts of yourself have made you who you are today. You are beautiful because you are unique. There isn’t a person quite like you. Not with your circumstances, your looks, your brain or your place in life. You are perfect – every blemish and every scar.

Do you want to know what‘s beautiful? Someone completely comfortable in their own skin. Why? Because even if they aren’t societies expectations of perfect they are content with their faults. They are proud to be an original.

You need to accept yourself. It won’t happen overnight, but when you face those dark jagged pieces you’ve buried so deep inside — you’ll grow stronger in yourself. It will be one step closer to freedom. Freedom from self-doubt and freedom from pain.

Not ready to go that far? I mean facing your demons is not something people readily commit to. At least at this moment…. be easy on yourself. That’s all I ask. So you didn’t make it to the gym today, ace your final exam or win the greatest mother award. You are still worthy. You are still perfect in your imperfectness.

And maybe this week you’ll do me a favor and pull one of those dark slivers out – own it – and move on. It’s a part of you as much as you are a part of it and it has made you that much more beautiful of a person.



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