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Self-Care for Introverts

Face masks, bath bombs, and calming oils are on the rise thanks to the practice of self-care. Such items can be very relaxing, but for introverts, self-care can look a little different. Below are 5 ways in which introverts can practice self-care and recharge. 

Read a book

The favorite pastime for introverts is also a form of self-care. Whether you’re learning more about yourself by reading the introvert Bible, aka Quiet by Susan Cain, or The secret lives of Introverts by Jenn Granneman or enjoying the latest Nicholas Sparks romance novel. You’re practicing self-care by giving yourself time to do something you enjoy. It also helps get out of your head and focus on something else. 



Speaking of getting out of your head, journaling is a great way to reflect and organize your thoughts. I enjoy journaling after a long day to get closure. Otherwise, I keep thinking about what happened. I like to write it down and let it go. Below are a few writing prompts I use. 

  • List all the things that made you happy today 
  • List all the things that didn’t make you happy today
  • What are you grateful for today?
  • What worries you the most currently? 
  • What did you do today to take care of yourself?


Say no

On days that you feel drained and can’t take anymore small talk, saying no to going out is the best form of self-care. I was once at a week-long conference. Every day there were events and dinners after the conference. On my third day, I said no. I stayed in the hotel by myself, ordered pizza, and watched The Office. Lame? No. I loved it and didn’t regret it. The next day, I was ready to socialize. 


Turn off your camera

With most people working from home, all meetings are now virtual. And there seem to be more meetings now more than ever! It can be draining being “on” all the time. Give yourself permission to turn your camera off once in a while. 



I’m obsessed with Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix. It’s rewarding taking control of your space. Something about doing it alone makes it calming. It’s also nice to see all your things organized and displayed nicely. A clear space is a clear mind!

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by Minasanchez

I was born in East Oakland, Ca to Salvadoran immigrants. I am the middle child and only woman. I write about my culture, familia, and personal experiences. I'm passionate about diversity, equal rights, and accessibility to education. I'm an intersectional feminist, because yes, it’s always about race. Sometimes I’m funny, and use gifs in my blog posts. I’m a poet. My poetry is special to me and I'll share it occasionally.


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