I burned my life to the ground.
On purpose.
Now I am ashes waiting on the phoenix. 

All I ever wanted in this great wide world
was to be

So I took my naked voice to sing for 2,000 deaf ears.

When it didn’t work, none of it:
the perfectionism, the accolades, the arrests,
the meltdowns, the violence, the risks,
the wins, the losses

Proud as a Valkyrie
I set it all on fire.

And I am very much alive. 


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by sydnic12

Born and raised Alaskan, classically trained opera singer, professional musician, writer, and performer.

Creative nomad having lived in New York City, Boston, Prague, Miami, Raleigh, and Austin. Master's from Manhattan School of Music and bachelor's from Boston University.

Other loves include travel, new languages, teaching, getting overly revved up by political activism, and supporting feminist colleagues.


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