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My Lady,

Good day to you.

I hope you feel refreshed and anew.

Today, is a new day to get through.



You will doubt, struggle and fall,

Insecurities piling skyscrapers tall.

Fear building a defensive mental wall.



In the turmoil a moment of silence.

In between breathes of your conscience.

You build a refuge of resilience.



Get up after the fall!

Renewed, standing tall!

Destroying the limiting walls.

Acknowledging your divine call.




I am not a beast.

I hope you see.

I am me.

But not the least.

I came this far to tread.

I won’t give up until I’m dead.

I’m greater than an anxious fear.

I’m passionate, visionary and clear.





Author: Kimberly Ramos
Author Bio: During the day, I work as a Resource Specialist in Special Education for a middle school. I work with sixth and seventh grade students with mild to moderate disabilities. As a side hustle, I work for volunteer and paid events around southern CA. Also, I like to collaborate on writing research projects or creative pieces as a hobby. They are usually anonymous.

Photo by Henri Pham on Unsplash

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