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How to Be Selflessness

To be selfless, in simple terms, is to put others first and have little or no concern for yourself. There are plenty of ways to be selfless- this article, in particular, focuses on service for others. Most people find that during the Holiday Season, participating in acts of selflessness is their responsibility as a part of society.

It’s sometimes difficult to do this when we are all caught up in the daily hustle and bustle, even more so during the Holidays when there are 1,000s of other things on our minds. What gift am I going to get Grandma? What size shoes does my nephew wear? Why do I have to get a gift for my brother’s cat?

We forget that there are people and places that rely on us during this time to lend an extra hand, that are waiting for our altruistic characteristics to shine through! I know there are only a few days left before the Holidays come to an end, but don’t let that stop you from helping out someone who needs you to throw your, “out for number one” attitude through the window.

Please, don’t forget that you do not need the Holidays to put others first- you can do these acts any day, anytime! You don’t have to do it by yourself either! You can ask your friends and family to participate alongside- Who knows, it might even become a tradition, and who doesn’t love a good tradition?

Below are 7 ideas on how to be selfless:

7: Think Local- Where, what, and who is in your neck of the woods that can really flourish from someone like you lending a helping hand? Maybe through your house of worship? Maybe a local shelter that needs assistance cutting up vegetables for the free meal they are going to serve that day? There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer all around you- you just need to get out and pick some places!

6: Animals- Don’t forget about the animals, especially if you live somewhere where the temps get chilly! You can go to your local animal shelter and spend time with the animals and even take them out to play and walk. What better time to adopt a furry friend and wrap it up as a surprise gift? Shelters also thrive off donations!

5: Children- There are plenty of opportunities to help the kiddos out too! I work in an Urban school and our teachers and staff are always thinking of ways to help our students and community out. We have pajamas drives, food drives, hats, scarves, and glove drives- you name it, we’ve collected for it! Some schools may even let you in their doors to volunteer in a classroom, especially if you know a student in the school.

4: Elderly- Head out to your local nursing homes and volunteer to spend time with the elderly. Don’t forget about your own grandparents either, they would love to have your time to chat and go places.

3: Hospitals- Hospitals rely on volunteers in order for their day to day to run smoothly. They need escorts, liaisons, transporters, readers- these are just some suggestions.

2: Think Nationally and Globally- If you are travelling out of town for the Holidays, you can still find ways to volunteer for others! Some opportunities include disaster relief and clean-up, fundraising, and of course giving blood! The Red Cross has a wonderful website to help find volunteer opportunities near and far. http://www.redcross.org/volunteer/become-a-volunteer#step1

1: Donate money, food, goods, etc. to a charitable cause! Seriously, it doesn’t matter how much! Every bit counts. Everything aforementioned above needs donations to operate and succeed. If time is something you don’t have- donations might be your best option!


Author: Lisa Drellishak
Email: Lisamichelledean@gmail.com
Author Bio: Lisa is a teacher, doggy mom and lover of new adventures.
Link to social media: https://www.instagram.com/l_drelli/


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