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September Girl

She strums Autumn between her nostalgic fingers
humming at the rubs of sweater strands; sings truth to the realm of courage.

She is an old polaroid suspended by jute string
where she has become an heirloom of brave.

She is unusual, the flower behind the wall.
Bruised amber for a crown that only a few can perceive.

Soon you will reckon with her
for she is bubbling complete.

She is the root, the tree, and everything after.

She is September Girl.


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by @theimpossiblewriter

My name is Georgina Melendez, and I am a 39-year-old Mexican-American. I currently live in New York City with my husband, where I am pursuing a full-time career as a writer. As a young girl, I would listen to my mother click away at her typewriter, writing unique stories and poetry. Little did I know that this would spark a love for the written word later on in life. It is a gift and a discipline that she has passed onto me, and I hope to share it with the world.

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