Sexually Fluid

I’m not sure that our human bodies matter much. I mean sure, we need to be physically healthy to carry our soul around from place to place efficiently; but sometimes I don’t understand why we don’t just float.

I float.

Sometimes, I become so detached from my human body, that I feel like I’m part of the wind, part of the sky. The sound of guitar strings make me feel breezy, the taste of my favorite food makes me feel higher. I can dance so long, that I don’t even feel the blisters forming on the bottom of my feet; physical pain is not real.

When I have been starved from love, I learned to appreciate it more. Those “innate” lovers in life (family), maybe others take it for granted. But, maybe that love prevents them from being able to love elsewhere, love others, love differently, love more. And if that’s true, then I must be lucky.

Sex is great. I love sex. Four placements in Scorpio, sometimes I’m surprised I’m not a sex addict. I’m a water sign, so I guess flowing fluidly is natural for me. Achieving an orgasm requires a practiced balance of focus on the mind and body, simultaneously. Maybe others focus only on their bodies, and only on achieving a “goal”.

But did you know, it’s possible to orgasm, without any physical touch? Without your partner touching you at all? This is what I mean, bodies don’t matter. And sometimes, sex is better without orgasms. Detaching from your body makes having one more difficult, but allows your mental connections to thrive.

Maybe those focused on the physical are strictly trying to procreate, but I am trying to transcend.

Fingers on my skin feel like they are massaging my neurons directly, my brain starts to vibrate. You can’t orgasm if your mind isn’t penetrated. Poetic words and deep thoughts stay with me in my dreams, I carry them into other lifetimes.

I believe in the stars. The stars did not create genders. The stars did not create sexual categories. The stars only created soulmates.

When I think about the purpose of life, I know that it is to love. I just want to love, and to be loved. I challenge others to think outside of the box, outside of their bodies. I’m trying to make this all sound so beautiful, because it is.

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