She was Khadijah

Wise and pure, kind to the poor
Wealthy by trade of HER own hand
Known for nobility in all the land
Refused to wed many
Until her heart had found love
A modern woman you say?
A rebel of norms in culture’s play?
But no
These are the facts that you should know
She lived 1400 years ago
She was Khadijah
She refused to wed many Until she found love
And the one she chose Was the best thereof
He came as a mercy to mankind
The greatest one you’d EVER find
Yet he worked for HER in dignity
A man of trust and honesty
She was khadijah
A woman of strength and compassion
Her heart knew He was a light
So she proposed – it was HER right
In joy they wed
And in HER house they found home
This story of love; to many: unknown
She was Khadija
She lived 1400 years ago
An Arab woman independent and free
An Arab woman with every right of choice
So YOU tell me
Who has really oppressed a woman’s voice?
Do not say to me
That I am covered and oppressed
For I am just modestly dressed
I can walk, i can talk
I can agree to disagree
To be who i want to be
I am free
So Look past the stories that you were told
Open your eyes And see the truth unfold
She was Khadijah
An Arab woman-free
A Muslim woman, just like me.
by heartwhisperer

My name is Maryam J. Haniff and I am 25 years old. Writing has been my bridge to the world from as long as I can remember. I love to read and learn new things. Poetry is my expression of life and i want to use it to create awareness for Muslim girls and females on the whole - in the sense of freedom. I have found that the world is influenced by a lie which embodies muslim females to be imprisoned. I want to end this and create a world where we as muslim women and all women are seen as humans: free, complete, ambitious and empowered.

On a lighter side I am from Guyana, South America. I love baking, juggling and spending time with my family. I write personalized poetry on request. Basically, i'm always writing or looking for a challenge/project.

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