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The greatest mistake she did was look at herself through his eyes.
The Lord Almighty had blessed her with pleasant features and character.
Yet she saw her worth through his eyes.
In the starting of her relationship with him.
He called her ugly.
She had become hurt and upset.
But to make him happy.
She began a journey towards weight loss.
It wasn’t a journey towards physical change.
It was a 360 turn of who she really was.
He was sent as a lesson to her.
Today she accepts that fact.
But in the time she was with him.
She broke herself and made herself.
She questioned herself as to why she was handling his bullsh*t.
And as why couldn’t he see her worth.
She used to make excuses for his behavior.
Justify to her heart that their might be a reason to his behaving with her like this.
The warrior queen in her couldn’t stay silent to long.
She used to voice out what she felt.
But she was made to believe that it was her fault.
Some months have passed by.
But today she truly have learned to re-love herself.
She did walk away from him.
For her sanity sake.
Or else her beloved parents would be taking care of a cabbage for life.
She would have lost the battle to depression and gone dark.
But The Lord didn’t want that.
He helped her reclaim who she truly was and to be better version of herself.

Don’t loose yourself when you love others.
If you don’t love and respect yourself.
You would never be able to love the ones around you in the right manner.
If you didn’t understand your worth.
How would you teach others who you really are.
It’s too painful to loose your identity.
Don’t be arrogant.
Love yourself but strive to better yourself too.

Author: Zainab
Author Bio: I am Zainab.
A lecturer of a university.
An investor in a business.
A writer.
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