She’s just Katharyne E. Martina

She’s just Katharyne E. Martina

She felt like an alien in her own motherland

Lost in translation finding to connect with what ran through veins

She was always rejected because there wasn’t a big representation that included Her kinky curly hair, her dulce de leche skin tone and her “Spanglish” language

But she was planted in the dirt in her motherland, grew up loving musical genres of merengue, bachata y salsa, but also pop, rock, EDM, r&b

She gets nostalgia of when she lived in DR at 3 years old y abuelita concinaba mangu con salami y huevos tambien arroz con pollo guisido y Claro con mi aguacuate al lado

Waking up to the sweet aroma de cafe bustal o de Santo Domingo walking en  la cocina de mi abuelita and she would pick up and let me sit on the kitchen counter watching her cook

Playing with the kids en el barrio in the middle of the streets of Lava Piez

Watching the stars on the porch with my grandfather (que descansa en paz) sitting on his lap while the electricity was off in the neighborhood

But also has nostalgia the years she lived in St.Maarten

Going to Carnival with her father eating street foods like Johnny cake, jerk chicken, chicken skewers with peanut butter sauce

Swimming in the beautiful sky blue beach in Little bay, and Simpson bay

Playing in the school yard in her elementary school in Sister Borgia school while learning the language of her nationality Dutch

She came in  a package that rarely people found, red blue white representing parts of her but that’s not all she had too offer

What she represented was never a part of group or part of labels that she felt constrained too

Even felt at checkpoint there were questions of her story,

People felt her story was a fiction novel that never existed because of the personality she displayed because she was outspoken, she used New York Slang, Then randomly spoke Spanish and has a big appetite for West Indian food, wearing braids and weaves or left her hair natural because she’s so indecisive with comes to hairstyles, she sang along to Coldplay songs while she cried, she loved watching horror shows and movies but would would watch Telenovelas with her mom because the stories are always dramatic

But she showed the world and many others like her that she is like not an alien, or an immigrant, she is a human being and that’s the only title she goes by

On paper she’s was Born In San Cristobal, Dominican Republic with a Dutch Nationality that came from living in St.Maarten and from her father and now an American Citizen living in Queens, New York

But In Her World, She’s just Katharyne E. Martina

by Kmartina94

Hi my name is Katharyne Martina, I’m Dominican and Dutch. I’m a Poet and also an Aquarius. Writing has been an escape for me the last couple of years. When I’m in a place of darkness, gratitude, anxiety, happiness etc. writing always come into play. Writing is only time I’m the most transparent because that’s when my feelings are turned into art through words. Red my pieces by following on IG @KATHARYNEPOETRY

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