Shoot your shot in life

The beauty of not knowing what life will bring you is an amazing and scary experience.

It can bring you happiness, love, sorrow. You have a choice to make your life the way you want it.

Take the risk do what you love don’t stop yourself from chasing after what you want.

Everyone tells you to shoot your shot in dating well I’ll tell you to shoot your shot in life.

by Angelshadae

I’m the Founder of HERstory Movement & Angelic Fashion House. Poetry has been something I love to read and write ever since I started studying it in High School. Through poetry it helped me cope with my anxiety and it became a way to let everything out and to find a way to transform what I’m feeling into something beautiful. When I write I get lost in the writing and it consumes me in the best way ever and it brings me the most amazing joy ever. As the years have past I’ve decided to share my writings with the world and start pushing myself to create more for not just my enjoyment but for others enjoyment.


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