Poetry & Art

Short poem: “Mind Games”

When you’ve been left

By someone who never came

You wonder who is better at mind games

-mind games

by Chelsea Kaye

I live to tell stories; my stories and other stories I have. I use a variety of mediums to do it. Writing, poetry, comedy, video, and photos. As I've grown and developed into the woman I am today, I learned how to harness my strengths to overcome various challenges by expressing myself and the world I experience through art. I paired my constant search for joy with the human experience and found my voice is my biggest strength. I write to share my purpose with others and to expose the beauty of our daily lives, however different and wild they may appear to be. I believe that joy and love are the greatest and most often overlooked bonds between people all across the world, and I'm here to help discover more of those important, human moments.


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