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Show up to Your Life – Be Anti-Fragile

~The one thing you can control is how you treat yourself and that one thing can change everything~ Carl Jung

2020 was a year, a lot happened in the world and our personal lives, drama, deaths, coronavirus, brake ups, loss of jobs, failures, and much more.

But life still goes on and we have to move on. 2021 is coming, the year we hope is better, the year of light, of cultivating and harvesting good things.

But besides hoping we need to reflect on our past, let go of what we have to let go so we can build something strong and refreshing.

We have to show up to our lives in an authentic anti-fragile way.

Anti-fragile does not mean depriving one’s emotions, lack of accountability, or not being vulnerable, anti-fragile means knowing what’s good and what’s not for us. What expands us; makes us a better person to our selves and what makes us alive, means being honest, having integrity with ourselves, honoring our true values, and knowing what we want to bring into our lives.

Showing up for yourself means that you make choices that honor your needs as they arise.

Start questioning yourself, what makes me destructive? What makes me needy? It’s perfectly fine to have the desire to connect but being needy of others to gain “self”, to feel approved is not healthy …you have everything in yourself, when you feel empty and insecure don’t turn to other people turn to yourself you are whole and complete, waiting for others for self-assurance or approval is fleeting.

What do I want to continue to do? Recover your sense of power, claim the goddess inside of you, treat yourself like a queen, Practice saying NO, which is the best form of self-preservation and self-care: saying No to people-pleasing, codependency, people who disrespect you, to things that you don’t want to do and that don’t expand you.

Questioning is very important because you can assess what energy you want to bring to 2021, what exactly do you want to embody to feel balanced and satisfied. Explore and question yourself daily. Good mental and physical health is essential for people to arrive at their maximum potential.

Be accountable for your healing process, don’t put a time frame but put dedication, write about what hurts you, spread light on your wounds so you can overcome, learn, and heal.

~The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you are~

 Carl Jung 

Have the courage to be disliked, to make what makes you happy regardless if others approve or not, this is your life and it’s the only one you have to live. Focus on your task meaning your thoughts, your decisions, on the things you can control, and don’t take anything other people do personally. 

Create your own rules of sovereignty and follow them, who do you, want to be when you wake up? What can I do to make my life a tiny better today? Incorporate the identity of Venus, what do you imagine the Goddess Venus would do? What would she do when she woke up? Has yogi bhajan kundalini yoga master said: “accept yourself early in the morning say to yourself by the Grace of God I’m a complete Woman”.

Words of wisdom he gave, can sound Cliché but is the only way, what’s the alternative then? Engaging with the wrong people, entertaining toxic situations, Criticize, insult yourself, rotten on a couch frustrated complaining, and then what do you gain?? Bitterness, resentment, and getting dull losing your beauty and vital radiance.

With that being said, I wish all my harness community a happy new year, and may we embody Strength, courage, openness, anti-fragility, and radiance in 2021.


by artandotherstories

Emília Duarte is a Mozambican multidisciplinary artist , she interconnects writing, illustrations and painting. Her art is the ultimate expression of what most presses her mind. She is largely inspired by the beauty of things in her surroundings - details in the built environment-her travels and the relationship individuals have with their objects move her deeply.
The artist has a spontaneous relationship with art, emotional and visual sincerity are crucial; as Picasso said, "I put in my pictures everything I like" and that is exactly what she does.
Writing plays a crucial role in Emilia Duarte's life, it is impossible to think about painting or drawing without writing her emotions or reflections.
Emilia Duarte holds a degree in organizational psychology, a bachelor's degree in clinical psychology, a degree in journalism and has a background in fashion design.


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