Side Effects

I’ve realized at twenty-five that superstition is a side effect of being hurt. Not like walking under a step ladder or being afraid of a black cat crossing your path. It’s anxious, little things in the periphery– avoiding writing down someone’s name as if it will bring about a curse and refusing to take off chipped, month old nail polish because it’s been a damn good month. We search for a pinch of magic to hold onto when we know what it’s like to be stuck on the other side of it, in a dark room without doors. When you find your little bit of magic, no matter where it is or who it’s with, you hold onto that shit.

by cewuertz

I attended Ohio State University where I studied English Literature and Creative Writing, but I've been interested in various creative outlets since I was a kid. Designing jewelry is my day job, but I'm slowly getting back to doing what I love with writing. Debating whether or not I should start my own podcast about nothing in particular and always looking for the next book to devour during a lazy weekend.

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