Simple Maid Hiring Tips For Beginners

Many households in Singapore have the advantages and convenience of recruiting domestic helpers. With parents now busier with work, it is frustrating to find time to make sure the house is clean and tidy. In addition, hiring a maid becomes a normal practice because parents have stressful jobs and positions at work.

To keep your home free from bacteria and other health risks, you can’t spare time organising or washing up. Your best option? Hire a reliable maid. There are two ways you can hire a maid: Directly and with the help of an agency. Maid agencies are what beginners usually go for since they don’t know much about maid hiring. The downside of hiring a maid through an agency is that it can cost a lot, and some agencies won’t let you pick your maid. Direct hiring, on the other hand, gives you the option to choose from the thousands of maids. You can either search online (forums) or ask your relatives if they know anyone to refer. But, you’ll have to handle all the legal papers when hiring directly. You can get more information about hiring a maid without an agency through this amazing post. 


The recruiting process can be daunting and stressful, but with a guide, you can find the right housekeeper for your family. Here’s a simple guide for all the newbie maid employers out there.

Choose The Best Agency

Your first recruiting move should be to approach a credible maid agency. Verify that the maid agency is MOM approved. When an agency has been settled, an agency will take care of all the necessary documents and requirements needed for your maid to work for you legally. The maid profile helps the agent to fulfil your needs with the housekeeper. Most importantly, before hiring a housekeeper, your agency recommends an employer guidance program. 


If you employ a maid on a budget, you can check for a possible housekeeper with directories through the Internet. This is another advantage of hiring a maid directly; you won’t have to spend so much. Using potential maids’ online profiles, select one that suits your needs by looking at their nationalities, age, pay demands, availability, job experience, and work permit or visa expiry.

Eligibility of Maid

If you employ a housekeeper with previous work in Singapore, you need not be concerned with their eligibility status. Otherwise, they have to ensure that they comply with the eligibility criteria defined under MOM if it’s their first time working in the country. Here are the main requirements:

  • 23 – 50 years of age

  • Female

  • Unrelated to the employer

  • New maids should have a SIP(Settling-In-Programme) certification

  • Citizen of a MOM approved country


Before you hire a maid, you should carry out a detailed and face-to-face interview to decide if a maid suits your needs. An interview provides a future housekeeper with an excellent opportunity to look at her living and future jobs. Ensure she is protected by reliable benefits when employing a home worker and, if appropriate, are able to obtain sufficient health care. Your maid’s well-being will also be your responsibility, so make sure she goes to her 6-monthly medical examination. The Ministry of Manpower requires every employer to ensure they comply with this rule as it ensures that the maids working in the country are fairly treated.

Creating the Employment Contract

When you’ve fully decided on your maid of choice, and she’s just one step closer to start working for you, you should start working on the employment contract. These terms and conditions included in the contract should form part of your contractual arrangement with the maid. If you find it complicated, ask your agency to draw up an employment contract. The contract includes the following terms and conditions.

  • Salary

  • Day-offs

  • Termination notice

  • Compensation when maid works on her day-offs

  • Maid loan

Safety Agreement

If you’re planning to hire a maid, MOM stipulates healthy work standards that you must comply with. Further, MOM needs you and the housekeeper to sign a safety agreement when you are set to employ a new or transfer maid. Notice that new servants from other countries are the first-time employees in Singapore while a transfer maid is one who works lawfully in the country but wants to work for another family. 


In order to prevent any accidents such as falling, MOM’s Guidelines for cleaning external glassware are intended to ensure that you and the FDW understand and comply. The safety agreement notes that every employer should recognise the requirements of window cleaning if your maid needs to clean outside windows from your apartment or condo house. You should sign the agreement, as well as your maid and their agency. The three parties shall hold a copy of the contract.

Application and Issuance of Work Permit

While most agencies will apply on your behalf for your housekeeper’s work permit, you can choose to apply for the permit yourself if your agency does not offer the application services. This move may seem easy, but when hiring a maid, you should not forget it because working without a work permit or keeping an expired one is illegal and punishable by law.


If your housekeeper is a first-timer employed in Singapore, it is your duty to send her to the Settling-In Programme for a day. Before arrival in Singapore, ensure that your maid secures a SIP training programme by registering her for this program. The program is conducted in the native language of your maid. Once done with the program, she can now start working for you.

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