Simplicity of the Mundane

Joy is everywhere, you just have to look.
Joy is in the gap-toothed smile of the stranger on the street.
In the hand of the man that helps you when you trip and fall on the pavement,
In the sounds on the train that turns into music, melodies in your head during your commute.

Joy is in the extra dollar in your purse.
The long-lost love letter you find cleaning out your dresser.
It’s in the perfectly placed poppies hanging from your windowsill.
When the light shines perfectly from the window to your bedroom.
It’s in the dog-eared page of your favorite book.
Joy is the warmth you feel when you wake up and turn your head and the first thing you see is their beautiful smile.

Joy is in the comfort of their deep embrace.
Joy is in the bellyaches from laughing over memories with friends, companions from the past and present.
Joy is in the colorful graffiti that encompasses your street, spinning a story to the world.
And when you feel the world crushing and enclosing you and wearing and tearing you down, think of your joy.

The simplicity, the comfort, the satisfaction, the content and the joy of the mundane.
Bits and pieces that compile together to make this particularly remarkable life
That is yours, and yours only.

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