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Slave to My Own Mind

Have you ever felt trapped inside the prison of your mind?

Knowing the thoughts you are succumbing to are extremely irrational but unable to break free?

My day-in, day-out struggle is striving to separate the logical from the illogical, the rational from the irrational, truth from lies, fact from fiction.

Imagine having to spend every day convincing yourself that you’re not a burden to everyone in your life. No matter how many times people assure you and try to put your worries at ease, you wake up every day with the same thoughts, going through the same cycle.

Every day you are plagued by these thoughts, you put on your armor and you spend the day fighting these thoughts off with a sword. By the end of the day, you’ve slain your dragons and conquered your thoughts. You experience a brief few hours of a relief where you feel you truly have space to think your own thoughts and make progress towards your goals.

But when you close your eyes for the night, you do so knowing the next day will bring the same barrage of thoughts, the same endless battle, you are Sisyphus and your battle will never cease.

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